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As a Engineering company specialized in safety and industrial risks, SAFENGY is currently deploying its skills around 4 main missions: design and optimization of safety, Fire safety Project Management and ICPE (French regulation) support. 

These missions are possible thanks to our skills in facility location study (link), risk analysis (link), functional safety (link), fire protection (link), ATEX (link), ICPE (link), regulatory compliance audits ( link), fire and gas detection (link), and fire engineering (link).

Safety design

In the context of new projects, particularly industrial zones, we intervene as a specialized discipline dedicated to the design of safety. We are used to working in interface with all the other disciplines involved in a dedicated project : civil works, electrician, processes, piping... 

Our goal is to help our customers to design their installation by minimizing risks as much as possible

We define a safety concept for them, help them with the location of their industrial equipment (see location study), and carry out all risk analyzes such as HAZOP, HAZID . We together define the best fire protection and fire and gas detection strategies.

This safety design mission also involves carrying out ATEX studies ,or even the definition of means of evacuation. We remain available to give clear answers to questions from all disciplines whose choices may have an impact on the safety of installations (drainage systems, process safety system, etc.).

Thus, we participate in the design of many projects both in France and in foreign and both on new and existing installations, on various sectors such as energy, environment, construction and chemicals.

Thanks to the cross-functionality of our skills and our strong experience on complex projects, we are a solid and trustworthy partner to support you in the design of security on your projects.

Safety optimization

Regulations, standards and best practices are constantly changing, along with the evolution of a site's activities. In addition, the requirements of insurance, emergency services and authorities can push manufacturers to implement a certain number of actions which can generate technical, operational and financial constraints. 

It is not always easy to respect all the requirements, and to be up to date, but also to know the potential impacts for an industrialist on the safety of the installations within the framework of an evolution of its activities (extension, changes on activity, etc.). 

This is why our engineers, always aware of new standards and regulations, strive to find all the solutions that reduce as much as possible the technical, operational and financial constraints while meeting the regulations but also the requirements of insurers, emergency services and authorities and, the constraints linked to any changes in the site's activity.  

Our philosophy is thus to offer all the optimization solutions to meet the requirements, while taking into account the context of the site, whether at the environmental, technical and financial level, while bringing the site to the lowest level of risk possible. 

This personalized approach also allow to guarantee the adequacy of the new measures to be taken into account with the existing systems, means and equipment, but above all to be able to potentially keep what can be saved and not fall into the facility of replacing everything. 

The interest of the client is to be able to understand all the requirements applicable for its installation but also to know what are realistic and hierarchical actions to be implemented according to a defined budget.

It is in this context that we have been able to support many customers on the implementation of solutions for optimizing fire protection means, answering to comments from insurers, verifying the correct sizing of systems following an extension of installations. … (link to references).

Fire safety Project Management

As part of a new project, Safengy can intervene as a project management company. In this context, Safengy's mission is to design, coordinate and control the proper execution of the work related to the fire safety.

A Fire safety Project Management mission is broken down into several stages.

Preliminary studies

The main goal of this step is to define a strategy of fire protection and detection.

Once solutions approved (by client, insurer, fire department…), studies are performed to give minimum fundamental information on the concept retained for the project (calculation note, functional description, drawings…

Document support for the call for tenders

During this phase, we ensure the drafting of technical specifications and the cost Breakdowns template necessary to support the call of tenders.

Assistance for the call of tenders

SAFENGY provides assistance for the selection of the contractor which will be retained for the implementation of solutions previously defined. The mission consists in ensuring technical discussions with bidders, technical alignment of all offers received and comparing all the offers in order to select the company presenting the most technically and financially relevant offer. The client will then be able to contract with the selected company.

Execution Document Approval

We ensure the smooth running of the studies by checking that the contractor takes into account the correct initial hypotheses and carries out the studies in accordance with the information described in the technical specification and preliminary studies. All the execution documents produced are then submitted to us for approval. The works on site cannot be carried out before the approval of all the documents.

Assistance for Works Execution

During this phase, SAFENGY provides assistance in the management of the execution of the works. It is important to check that the work is compliant with the documents approved during the previous phase. Any deviation or modification must be recorded and effectively dealt with. Meetings with the company and the client are organized, as well as visits on site to check the compliancy of the works.

Assistance for Site Acceptance Tests

The last step is an Assistance to Site Acceptance Tests. For SAFENGY, this will consist in verifying that the procedures foreseen for tests are satisfying and will allow to approve the performance of the new installations. We will also participate in the acceptance of the works by means of the tests and possibly ensure the follow-up of the deviations until they are solved.

A mission requiring in-depth expertise as well as extensive practical and theoretical experience, the fire safety project management is a complex mission that it is essential to fully mastered. 

Thanks to our expertise, our availability and continuing improvement wishes, we are the guarantee of real peace of mind.

Therefore, we were able to carry out the management of fire safety project for example for waste to energy recovery units or biomass installations.

Support on studied related to Environmental French regulations (ICPE)

Environmental French regulation (ICPE) is critical for all industrial sites.  Activity evolutions of an industrialist (new, extension or modification of installations) and the perpetual evolution of these regulations very regularly plunges industrialists into the unknown or even recklessness. However, the consequences of non-compliance with ICPE regulations can be detrimental, not only for the company but also for the environment and people.

This is why SAFENGY offers to support manufacturers concerned by Environmental French regulation in order to help them in their efforts, whether in the context of a new activity, an evolution or modification of activity and finally regulation evolution. 

In this context, we carry out on their behalf all the French regulation studies such as Hazard study, Environmental authorization document... but also regulatory compliance audits.

Our mission can go so far as to support our clients with these authorities in order to represent them and facilitate communication as much as possible and to comply perfectly with regulatory expectations. 

Through these various missions, we demonstrate our permanent desire to advise, design and optimize the safety of our customers' installations, with a constant concern for an irreproachable quality of study, always responding as closely as possible to real needs.

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